More Online Reviews
More 5-Star Employees
More Satisfied Customers

send customers to your WEBsite to leave a review

Unlike other review sites, RevuKangaroo has created a custom API that allows you to install our system directly on your website. The look and feel are consistent with your current website design. Your customers would never know it is a RevuKangaroo product instead, they will only see you and your employees.

customers rate your employee's service

RevuKangaroo has a unique system that collects reviews on your employees service rather than customers rating your business directly. This typically leads to a greater increase in reviews written and they tend to be more positive.

positive customer reviews published to POPULAR 3RD PARTY SITES

Your company will receive the benefits of additional positive reviews being left all across the internet on sites like Google +, Yelp, Facebook and more. RevuKangaroo alerts you of any negative review before they hit powerful 3rd party sites. This allows you to address any customer concern and turn that negative review into a positive one!


Our real-time notification system alerts you via email when both positive and negative reviews are left on your site. Our custom real-time reporting also allows you to download reports allowing you to share your customers experience directly with your employees. This allows you to use RevuKangaroo as an employee management tool as well to increase your team's performance.

social sharing of your reviews

Managing social media is a pain for most businesses. Now you can add and post new content with a click of a button. RevuKangaroo allows you to share all of your customers online reviews to social media sites like Facebook.